BAZAR LOGO inside alley FLIP (2)

Calling Her On

Can you hear me? (x3)


Searching for healing, finding more pain

The truth is too hard when it calls her name

Searching through my dreams

Reoccurring themes

Out on the rat race the every day grind

Leaving her body and losing her mind

Searching through my dreams, Can you hear me?

Reoccurring themes

Who knows where souls go when they're left behind (When the soul is left behind)

Nothing but darkness, no joy to find (There's no joy or hope to find)

"Some day you'll be here." she tells herself

As her life disappears ... with a tear


Voices cut in to her mind

Every day, they're cutting and cutting

Aimless and alien, meaningless noise

They're screaming and screaming

Out there her soul circles the moon

Seeking her lover, but finding nothing

The sound of the pipe with his treacherous tune

Calling and calling


Calling her on, stars will light the way


Giving up hope for her old life

Every day, she's sinking and sinking

Turning to those with death in their minds

She's tired of thinking

She knows the way to cure her pain

Drowning her mind, drowning drowning

Seeking to join him in their own space

Floating floating


Calling her on, stars will light the way

Calling her on, stars will light the way



Who knows which way the soul will go

Yet she plans the journey

Heaven takes many forms

Which one is right? Which one is healthy?

She feels the yearning only true escapers know

As she cuts the cord to this earthly hell

She rises as she falls


And then, one moment of clarity and sanity

She's found her way

"I will join you. I'll see stars tonight.

We will see stars."


Spinning through space

Seeking her joy

She'll find her way tonight

He calls her name

Stars light her way tonight

She'll find her way


Calling her on, stars will light the way tonight

Calling her on, stars will light her way


Can you hear me?

Lyrics By P. Jones.

Based on an idea of how Mrs Major Tom felt about being left behind and her progression

(or regression) to a drug induced suicide