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Lights Of Home

Far from the lights of home they sailed

Sailed for glory, death or glory

A chance to redeem what had gone before

Change the story

Out they went in to that endless white night

Tired and frozen, scared and frozen

And many a sailor heard the call of death

And many were chosen


Will we ever see such bravery and loyalty far beyond men

Facing the enemy through his frailty


Went Captain Vallery

A hundred endless nights and so many sites no one should have to see

Fear can kill a man, yet still they stand

For Captain Vallery

Minus sixty degrees, still it doesn't freeze, blindly they push on

Into the gathering storm and the wild dawn

Oh Captain Vallery

A kind of burning cold gets in to your soul, strips you down to the bone

On through the flying ice and more sacrifice

Oh Captain Vallery

Captain Vallery



So far, so hard, then over again

Lifting their spirits, a god among men

They gave their all for the lights of home


Swirling fog claws at his throat

As he stares out to sea

Every day his burden grows

Oh Captain Vallery

Breathing orders, breathing blood

The fever burns his lungs

Not much longer now he knows


Dancing through shells and fire as the flames grew higher, pitching and tossing she went

Over the peak and then plunging down again

Went Captain Vallery

Torpedos hit the deck of the sinking wreck, a column of flame hit the sky

Onwards he urged the crew, what else could he do

Oh Captain Vallery

Captain Vallery


So tired and weary, yet he spurred them on

Like those Clydebuilt rivets his will was so strong

Each day they prayed for the lights of home


Steering through the fiery water

The smell of burning corpses

No time to help survivors

The convoy must be saved

As the ship ploughed on towards them

We wept to see their burning faces

Change from hope to horror as we mowed them down



All the times we tried to tell them

But how could they ever know

Tell me what man could endure this?

They've all gone now

As I stand without answers

As my comrades drift away

Bodies under the union flag

They've all gone now

So I played judge and jury

To those broken drowning men

I must soon share their sentence

Flesh is weak

Sitting here in the captain's chair

In command right to the last

Of the best crew I ever had

But I've let you down

The die is cast



On into the fray, no other way, orders must be obeyed

For the bravery and the memory

Of Captain Vallery

Against helpless odds in the lap of the gods, still they thundered on

Bombs and wreckage fell on that floating hell

Oh Captain Vallery


Condors filled the sky, nothing left to try, enemy ship dead ahead

and no help came through for that loyal crew

Of Captain Vallery

This was why they came, just to die in flame, the bait in a terrible trap

Their very souls they gave, no one was saved

Oh Captain Vallery

Captain Vallery


So far, so hard, then over again

Lifting their spirits, a god among men

They gave their all for the lights of home

So much from so many, for nothing but death

Each one determined to his very last breath

"We'll take some down with us! For the lights of home!"

The lights of home                                    

                                                                                  Lyrics by P. Jones

Lyrics inspired by Alistair Macleans' novel, HMS Ulysees