BAZAR LOGO inside alley FLIP (2)

Queen Of The Night Part 2

And when the curtain falls she waits all alone

Till he comes back in the small hours to make her all his own

"King of the beasts!" he tells her as he beats her once again

And she knows that there's no fouler beast and she vows through her pain that one day


One day ... one day


Then at last one day, one day hope came along

She found a new love, a new love he'd never do her wrong

He was a strong man, a strong man, travelled with the show

And one night they held on, they held on like they'd never let go

But while the master's in command

They have to hide all the love they have to give

And so the strong man decided he shouldn't be allowed to live


For all the times he beat her till she cried

For all the times he left her broken deep inside


There are many ways to kill a man

All they needed was the perfect crime

And a strong ... a strong pair of hands

Accidents might happen in a circus full of beasts

And for a certain hungry lion he would make the king of feasts


Then no more living in shame

With a lion to take the blame


He made the weapon to show where the lion's paw had been

It would make a big impression if you see what I mean

She would walk with her master late at night, to feed the beast in his cage

Where a strong man would be waiting to frame a lion and his rage


Springing from the shadows, the strong man dealt the fatal blow

But the cage was swinging open, his timing much too slow

Smelling blood and treachery the lion turned upon his queen

And the so called strong man turned and ran from the blood and roars and screams

As she called his name

And the last thing she felt was the teeth meet in her face


A weak man, a weak man left her for dead in the dust

His true love, his true love died with her beauty and turned to disgust


They saved her life

and she lived to tell the tale

But it's no kind of life that she leads now,

All alone in her room, never lifting her veil

And the strong man, he never came near

He couldn't love what was left, couldn't live with the fear

Now she's queen of her permanent night

On her own little stage with it's dim little spotlight

Show goes on, though the crowds have all gone

The night goes on, same old song


Somehow she finds the strength

The strength to get through each day

And she bitterly laughs at the weakness of men

The men who made her this way

Men who treasured her beauty so rare

Never seeing the soul or the love that was there

She curses the strong man she thought was so brave

And the life that she wishes had never been saved

Show goes on, though the crowds have all gone

The night wears on, same old song


Show goes on, though the crowds have all gone

The night goes on, same old song.

                                                         Lyrics by P. Jones

Lyrics inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's short story: The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger.